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Do you love your home but wish to make it larger, reconfigure it or bring it in line with a specific look?


Reworking an existing home can create what feels like a new house for your family.

Life Home Builders has completed many major renovations and extensions – both designing and building them. We love a challenge!

It is all about good bones for us – if your home has high ceilings, existing fireplaces, verandahs or original features– these are all aspects which can be enhanced to create a ‘new home’. It could be as simple as a complete internal renovation, keeping all existing external walls or as major as adding extensions, and reconfiguring internal rooms. Either way – we help create a design, working with your budget to create something special.

There is a fine line between what is worth keeping or if a knockdown rebuild is a better solution to meet your brief. After a site visit from us, we can help determine the best and most cost-effective approach to meet your requirements.


Beach House Renovation


Our unique and holistic process ensures that every detail, budget and timeline are a priority. This streamlined approach has been put in place to be cost-effective, transparent and as stress free as possible.


Initial Project Consultation

We will take time to meet you and visit your property, allowing us to assess the environment, understand your brief, timeframes, and budget before you receive a design and planning proposal.


Concept Creation, Design Development & Cost Estimate

This is where it gets real and exciting! We will put your ideas on paper and create concept plans and a 3D representation of your home, before making sure we are in line with your budget.


Selection Specification

Working with our designer, you will begin selecting exterior finishes, interior fixtures, and fittings, adding your personal touch to all aspects including joinery design, lighting layouts, and hard finishes.



All relevant reports and certificates are obtained with our hand-selected consultants before approvals are gained.


Finalise Documentation & Formalise Quote

Once all relevant approvals are in hand, and inclusions are refined to ensure the project matches your vision and budget, a formal building proposal is presented to you.


Construction & Completion

Now the magic happens! Throughout your build you will receive regular updates, keeping you involved in the process every step of the way, allowing you to observe the intricate details as they come together.


What service do you provide?

Before selecting your builder, there are many costs and hours lost in the design and planning phases. This is where LHB can simplify the entire process and are able to handle all design, planning management and interior design aspects in house. As a design and construction service, LHB is an end-to-end service which takes care of build budgeting and construction elements. This means, you have one point of contact the entire process, dealing with a small and dedicated team who knows your project intimately is critical to us. All documentation, submission and approvals is handled by us – with open communication throughout each phase, you are always kept in the loop with process and timelines. We offer budget feedback at three stages of the design process, which allows you to make critical decisions regarding your design and advancing to each phase. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent.

After a complimentary site visit a fee proposal to begin design work is presented. Once you engage us, your new home concept will start coming to life on paper. After all approvals are obtained and your specification is locked in, site work can begin. This starts with the demolition of your existing dwelling before to build up your ‘new’ home.

Upfront selection of your finishes, fixtures and fittings is an important focus of ours when developing your house plans. This eliminates as many variables throughout the build, prevents time delays and costs. Our in-house design team are here to help and support you in making the selections for your home. We will provide guidance on how to create a beautiful and timeless home, which is personalised by you!

Our construction build zone covers the NSW South Coast from Coldedale to Milton and up to the Southern Highlands.

Knowing where to start is tricky and you haven’t even spoken to a builder yet! As a design and construct team, LHB offers both in house design and construction service, providing essential budget and critical construction feedback quickly once we have seen your site and understand your brief. This means you start and end with us! We will handle the whole process for you with only one point-of-contact.

Not only do we focus on the design of your home, we also make sure your master plan of the entire property (whether it is big or small) is considered. This covers but is not limited to landscaping, retaining walls, all services, driveways, pools, dams, fencing, sheds, stables, secondary dwellings – you name it. Getting these elements right on paper allows you to fully envisage your master plan and stage any of the development.

Yes! We are more than happy to visit properties within our build zone that you are considering purchasing for a knockdown rebuild. At this time, we can provide preliminary feedback on the structural integrity of the existing house and evaluate if a knockdown or major renovation is more suitable.

We have been designing & building beautiful, quality homes for many years. It is our passion and our hand selected team treats your home like their own. With one point of contact thorough we eliminate the run around, doubt and stress when designing and building a home.


“We can’t thank Life Home Builders enough for designing, building and fitting out a home that is beyond our wildest dreams."

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Custom home builders, servicing the NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands.

Custom home builders, servicing the NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands.