The Building Process

Your New Home Journey from Design to Construction

Our unique and holistic building process actively prioritises every detail, budget, and timeline to streamline your experience. This streamlined approach is designed to be cost-effective, transparent, and stress-free.

The Building Process Stages


Building Process: Initial Consultation

Meet & Greet: We start with a personal visit to your property.


  • Environment evaluation
  • Understanding your brief
  • Discussion of timeframes and budget

Outcome: We present a formal building proposal tailored to your vision and budget.


Building Process: Concept Creation, Design Development & Cost Estimate

This is where things get exciting! We deliver:

  • Idea Visualisation: Turning your ideas into concept plans.
  • 3D Representation: Creating a virtual model of your home.
  • Budget Alignment: Ensuring plans align with your financial expectations.


Building Process: Selection Specification

Working with our designer, you will begin selecting:

  • Exterior Finishes: Choose styles and materials.
  • Interior Fixtures and Fittings: Select designs and functionalities.
  • Personal Touches:
    • Joinery design
    • Lighting layouts
    • Hard finishes


Building Process: Planning

Our project management team ensures all relevant reports and certificates are obtained with our hand-selected consultants before approvals are gained

  • Documentation: Obtain all necessary reports and certificates.
  • Approvals: Secure all required approvals to proceed.


Building Process: Finalise Documentation & Formalise Quote

Time for all the official paperwork:

  • Approvals Check: Confirm all necessary approvals are obtained.
  • Project Refinement: Refine inclusions to match your vision and budget.
  • Proposal Presentation: Present a formal building proposal.


Building Process: Construction & Completion

Now, we get to work: Experience our streamlined construction process in action as we bring your dream home to life:

  • Build Phase: The construction magic happens!
  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with ongoing progress reports and key milestones as we approach the crucial practical completion stage.
  • Engagement: Involved in every step to observe the coming together of your home’s intricate details.


Aftercare and Ongoing Support

  • Post-Completion Support: Our commitment to you continues after your home is completed. Our aftercare services ensure that your new home remains in perfect condition and you are completely satisfied with every aspect. This includes regular check-ins and swift resolution of any issues that may arise.
  • Maintenance Tips and Resources: We provide comprehensive maintenance guidelines designed to help you care for your home efficiently. From seasonal maintenance to energy efficiency tips, our resources are crafted to keep your home running smoothly
  • Long-Term Relationships: Building your dream home with us is just the beginning. We strive to foster long-term relationships with all our clients. Whether you need advice on upgrading your space or have questions about home maintenance, our team is just a call away.

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