Giving your old Farmhouse or Cottage a new lease on life

Are you living in a charming old farmhouse or cottage?

These homes have an abundance of character, memories, and stories – built in a timeless style with fabulous high ceilings, lining board walls and ceiling panelling. However as the years go on, they may need more and more maintenance, the functionality may not be consistent with your needs, or you may just be dreaming of a more modern home. But, when looking back at the memories, and noting the integrity of the home, it may be impossible to even imagine knocking down.

That’s why we absolutely love renovating old homes like these, keeping the memories and charm alive while transforming the space into one that is functional, beautiful, and with all the mod cons! Giving it a brand new lease on life.

Before diving straight into your renovation, there are some questions to consider:

  • What elements should we keep?
  • What is on our wish list to add?
  • What needs replacing?
  • Which elements are expensive to replace?
  • Do we have any wonky walls, wobbly floors, etc? Will they need to be adjusted to feel new?

Whether you want to keep with the era of the house and give it a bit of freshness, add a modern extension, or completely modernise the entire home – the possibilities are endless.

We renovated an old farmhouse in Gerringong in our early 20s. Most of the work we did ourselves on the weekends over a 12 month period. Before starting, we considered the above questions, and decided to keep finishes as practical and neutral as possible, with a timeless style to pay tribute to its original charm.

Click here to see more photos of our renovated Gerringong Home.

We’d love to hear about your beautiful old Farmhouse or Cottage! Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our design and build service.

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